January 2, 2016


New Years Resolutions

Let's start with this: I hate resolutions!

I've made lots of resolutions, and I have never ONCE kept one! This year I'm trying something new. I will not be making one single resolution to last me the entire year!

I will instead create monthly GOALS.  

A goal is something I can work toward; something that gives focus to my actions throughout the day.  When the month is over, I will create a new set of goals.

Not too overwhelming- Not too intimidating- Not too hard!

I've gotten together with some people in my life that share the same passions as me and have determined four areas in which focus could really help me grow as a person.  These areas are:

  • Family
  • TPT
  • Educational Goals
  • Personal Goals

I will reexamine these areas each month, but for this month, here are my goals!

I'll be back in Februray with some new goals! 

Want to get in on the fun? 

Download this January goals sheet and fill in your information.

Link up on INSTAGRAM and use the hashtag #IG2016GOALS! I'd love for you to tag me in your post! I'm CassiNoackTEACH on instagram! 

Need Help?

DOWNLOAD this image to add your text. If you're doing it from a phone, the best apps to use are: Rhonna Designs or ABM, then just tag and post!!! 

Happy NEW Year! 


  1. I love your family goal of going to Church more! I'm know we were very consistent until Helena! I can't leave her in nursery bc she's so attached! I think it'll get easier....

    1. We were very consistent until I started working! LOL!

    2. We were very consistent until I started working! LOL!