August 24, 2015

Caine's Arcade

Today was my official first day of school! 

I got to meet my students, and I'm already loving them all!

Caine's Arcade Learn innovation, perseverance, patience

For the past couple of "first days", I have shown my students a video about a young boy with unbridled passion and determination. Caine Monroy, now 12, became an instant sensation when a documentary maker happened upon his dad's auto parts store, which held Caine's cardboard arcade creation. From his Staff Shirt to his Fun Pass to his ticketing system, his ingenuity and creativity could be seen throughout his entire space.

I could go on and on about Caine, but I could never do his smile or spirit justice through my words. 


Today as I showed the video, I watched the expressions of my fourth grade students. It was a joy to see their little faces light up as Caine's dreams begin to take shape as reality. Afterward, we had amazing conversations about Caine and what made him so special.

Ever since I discovered Caine and his amazing arcade, I've tried to use his story to show my students that when passion and determination come together, great things happen! Check out these creations of kids who were inspired by Caine!


I encourage you to use Caine's story as a springboard for meaningful conversations with your own students. Click here to download a FREE Venn Diagram to use with your students! I guarantee it will be a lesson they'll remember!

Leave a message of today sharing your favorite thing about Caine, his arcade, or the video!


  1. Wow!!! Great post! Thanks for sharing that video! I've never seen!!! What a kid!

  2. What a great post! Caine is a sharp boy!