July 14, 2015

Not a Sex Ed Teacher

Confession: I had a near You-tube catastrophe while teaching 4th grade science!

Yah. You can imagine.

 You-tube is such a wonderful resource to use with your students! You can sing songs, watch problems being solved, and flip your classes--- and I do all of these often!  However, I have to be so careful when showing videos. I'll never forget the time we were watching a video about mixtures and macaroni salad and an ad for the movie Sex Tape POPPED UP!!!   OMG! (I did find irony in the situation though. Sex Tape is about a couple trying to keep everyone from seeing their inappropriate video, and I was trying to keep everyone in the class from seeing an inappropriate video.)

I'm normally a slow-paced person, but I moved like a ninja that morning trying to shield my students from the video and audio that seemed to invade every corner of the room at lightning speed. Needless to say, from that day forward, I never felt comfortable showing a You-tube video to my class.  WHAT A SHAME, RIGHT?!

But wait… it doesn’t end there, and I can now show You-tube videos with no hesitation!

I found safeshare.tv and all is good! In three easy steps, you can ensure that your videos don’t come with inappropriate ads or those awful trolling comments.

STEP 1:  Find your YouTube video’s URL.    (By the way, this is a great video!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt7lN4QPU0k
You-tube videos for your students.

STEP 2: Open Safe Share by visiting safeshare.tv. Paste the URL from You-tube into the box and click Generate Safe Link.

STEP 3: Click Take Me to the Safe View.
SafeShare.tv opens the video in a new safe window!

That’s it! No advertisements, no alternate video suggestions, and no nasty comments! You’re left with good, clean material to help your students learn!  TRY IT!!!!  (And just in case you're wondering, my ninja skills saved the day, and none of my students were actually exposed to anything inappropriate that day!)

Have you ever had a You-tube CATASTROPHE while teaching your students? If so, share in the comments!

Use Safeshare.TV


  1. Ten years ago I had students looking up something in the Library of Congress. Kids were using laptops -- and one kid typed in the wrong extension -- up popped a porn site! Even though we had cybersitter installed, the banner was visible. It wasn't graphic (whew!).

    Fortunately the tech person was in the room and she quickly slapped the laptop closed. Since then I've learned how to make a webquest, etc. etc...but it was quite an experience first period of the day!

    Thanks for sharing this resource. Very helpful in creating Prezis for class notes, etc. (something I love to do!)

    1. That's the nightmare with technology! I fear for my own children at home too! I make tons of homework tutorials and put them on Youtube for my students, and I have had parents complain about ads that came up. One was poo-pourri. HAHA!!! I began hosting my videos on screencast.com, but it was $10 a month, and more if too many students viewed it. Now, I can simply put the link on my class website, and the students can access from there. No more worries.... or monthly fees! :) That makes a happy teacher!!

  2. I had a student who explained how he lost one of his private parts in an accident during a lesson about many different types of structures. He was explaining that he had already lost one and if he loses the other, he'll "be a goner!" The worst part, was the principal was in the room for an observation. In that situation, there was no way to quickly shut the laptop down.....It was in real time...Oh how I wished I could put those words back in his mouth because every child in the room will NEVER forget that moment.

  3. Such a great suggestion ~ had no idea you could open a video in "safe mode"! Thank you for the chuckle, smile and great tip!

    1. Haha! Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way! :)