July 23, 2015


I'm finally done with my giant Auto Fill Teacher Organization System I've been working on!

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My favorite part about it all is that it can AUTOMATICALLY create LOTS and LOTS of different forms, checklists, and charts---filled in with your students! If you need a homework check sheet, VOILA! With one click, your checklist already includes your students' names.  Need a student contact list?  DONE! Your students' email addresses and phone numbers are there for you to print.  IT'S GREAT!!!! (Can you tell that I'm excited?!?!)

Here are some of my favorite Auto Fill Documents:

These are some of my favorites! They're all AUTO FILL and there are TONS of options! Plus it's editable!!!


Put together a whole binder system and organize it any way you want!

Binder Spines & Covers.... AUTO FILL
All Different Sizes!

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If you WIN my awesome organization system, I will also give you my Back to School Memes to teach rules and procedures (my best selling product) and my Classroom Rotation system FREE!!!! It's based on my own system I use in my classroom, but is ready to print and customize with your students!

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July 22, 2015

The World Is A Rainbow

I was pinning some teacher memes on Pinterest last night, and this one caught my eye!

I'm pretty sure it was because I was super stoked that the mailman finally delivered my long awaited T   K!

If you love memes as much as me, check this out!

So, What is Instant Ink?

If you are a teacher that ever gets on Pinterest, you have surely fallen in love with some of the amazing back-to-school classroom decorations that are plastered over everyone's boards. Whether it's owls or superheroes, (OR GIRAFFES!!!) you know you NEED it for your class.  I found this.... and I'm pretty sure I NEED it!


Instant Ink is great because you can print absolutely any document for only three cents! All that color?!?! Don't worry about it!
By the way, my friend, Jacqueline, made this awesome set!

I recently heard about Instant Ink.  It's a product that HP sells to take the worry out of printing in color. Basically, you pay a monthly fee, and then you can print up to a certain number of pages a month. If you go over, you pay per page at the same rate as the subscription.  If you don't use them all, they roll over into the next month. I subscribed to the $9.99 plan, and I can print 300 pages per month.

The Instant Ink Ad that came with my new printer. 

Included in my first shipment were extra high capacity cartridges and a postage paid return bag.
It's really simple.  I put the cartridges in my printer, and HP tracks the number of pages I've printed and the amount of ink still available in the cartridge. When it begins to run low, HP automatically sends a new one. There's no shipping charges coming or going!


  • You can print all those task cards and teacher resources with no guilt or worry.
  • You can print photographs in full color.
  • You'll never have to go to the store to buy ink again.
  • You'll never run out of ink while mid-project.
  • Instant ink can be much cheaper than traditional cartridges.
  • You can get a month free with the code FREEINK at checkout.
  • (I guess you could even get your free month, print 300 posters for your class, and then cancel after your month so your classroom decorations would be provided by HP.)
  • You can cancel anytime. 


  • If you print a lot of black and white documents, it may actually be much more expensive. You are paying for 300 pages.  It doesn't make a difference if that page has one tiny word on it or if it is completely saturated with colored ink. Either way, it costs three cents. 
  • If you go over the 300, you are automatically charged for the extra pages you have printed.
  • You have to have a computer that's compatible with Instant Ink. Click here to see those. I bought a new one just so I could get Instant Ink.  It was on sale for $99 at Office Depot, and it is awesome!


  • If you print in color a lot, get it!  If you don't, you'd be better off buying the high-capacity cartridges at the office supply store.
  • Keep two printers at your house: one for black/white printing and one for colored printing.
  • Keep track of your own printing for a couple of months to see how many copies you actually use.
  • Keep a mental note of every time the thought of printing in color deters you from buying something on TpT or completing a particular lesson.


July 19, 2015

What Can You Say In Only 4.6" by 1.5"?

A whole lot more than you may think!

Make the most of the space you're given on your Teachers Pay Teachers store front!

You can do this by creating a gif for your "Personal Quote" section of your bio.  A gif is an image that scrolls through a series of other images.  If you use good design, you can really catch the eye of your shoppers. The longer a shopper stays in your store, the more likely he or she is to purchase!

Watch this tutorial as I walk you through every step to creating your own flashing billboard.

Step 1:

Create a series of images in PowerPoint

  • Be sure and set your slide to 4.6" wide by 1.5" tall
  • Save your images as JPEGs by clicking Save As JPEG, and then exporting all of the slides
Step 2:

Use gifmaker.me to compile your images into one image.
  • Click Upload Images and choose your JPEGs
  • Set the Canvas Size to 450 pixels by 150 pixels
  • Change your Animation Speed, if desired
  • Click Create GIF Animation
  • Click Download this GIF
  • Right click on your image, then click Save As, and save the image.
Step 3:

Use tinypic.com to gather HTML Code for TpT
  • Upload your image by clicking Choose File
  • Then click Upload Now (and suffer through the ads, LOL!)
  • Click "Click Here" to view your image
  • Copy the code under HTML FOR WEBSITES
Step 4:

Edit your profile
  • Go to your dashboard in TpT, and click on Edit Profile
  • Paste the HTML into Personal Quote
  • Scroll down and click Save
Step 5:

  • Go back into Edit Profile
  • Delete the code between the first quotation mark and the second quotation mark
  • Paste your store's URL or one of your store categores in between those question marks
  • Scroll down and click Save


After you're done, link to your store front in the comments!  We want to see!!!

July 14, 2015

Not a Sex Ed Teacher

Confession: I had a near You-tube catastrophe while teaching 4th grade science!

Yah. You can imagine.

 You-tube is such a wonderful resource to use with your students! You can sing songs, watch problems being solved, and flip your classes--- and I do all of these often!  However, I have to be so careful when showing videos. I'll never forget the time we were watching a video about mixtures and macaroni salad and an ad for the movie Sex Tape POPPED UP!!!   OMG! (I did find irony in the situation though. Sex Tape is about a couple trying to keep everyone from seeing their inappropriate video, and I was trying to keep everyone in the class from seeing an inappropriate video.)

I'm normally a slow-paced person, but I moved like a ninja that morning trying to shield my students from the video and audio that seemed to invade every corner of the room at lightning speed. Needless to say, from that day forward, I never felt comfortable showing a You-tube video to my class.  WHAT A SHAME, RIGHT?!

But wait… it doesn’t end there, and I can now show You-tube videos with no hesitation!

I found safeshare.tv and all is good! In three easy steps, you can ensure that your videos don’t come with inappropriate ads or those awful trolling comments.

STEP 1:  Find your YouTube video’s URL.    (By the way, this is a great video!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt7lN4QPU0k
You-tube videos for your students.

STEP 2: Open Safe Share by visiting safeshare.tv. Paste the URL from You-tube into the box and click Generate Safe Link.

STEP 3: Click Take Me to the Safe View.
SafeShare.tv opens the video in a new safe window!

That’s it! No advertisements, no alternate video suggestions, and no nasty comments! You’re left with good, clean material to help your students learn!  TRY IT!!!!  (And just in case you're wondering, my ninja skills saved the day, and none of my students were actually exposed to anything inappropriate that day!)

Have you ever had a You-tube CATASTROPHE while teaching your students? If so, share in the comments!

Use Safeshare.TV