May 21, 2016

The (DREADED) End of the School Year

It's the end of the school year!

Every year, I forget the torture that is THE END OF THE YEAR!

(A Walking Dead Meme--- for those of you that LOVE TWD as much as I!)

Here are my top 10 reasons why I hate the end of the school year:

Getting organized is a perpetual goal that defies me each and every year.  My grandiose plans of putting everything in "its" spot laughs in my face as the year comes to an end. 

Oh, why did I wait so long to gather up grades? The last grading period always catches me off guard! Here it is, three weeks until school is out, and I need 4 major grades, 16 daily grades, and 3 glasses of wine!

"But the test is over."
Yes. This is what I hear every time I pass out work for the students to complete in the last few weeks of school.  I don't know where they got the idea that school was over the day after the test, but I'm sure the pounding in my head is from all the times I've had to argue that case.

All those "original" copy pages in that giant stack are begging to be sorted and filed so they can be found easily next year. Why didn't I just do it as I went???

My kids are finally good at turning in their papers, signaling they need to go to the bathroom, and completing those problems.  The sinking sensation that next year's crop won't know ANYTHING seriously causes a heart palpitation. 

OK, so I have to pack up EVERYTHING??? Even though I always plan on doing a good job of packing up my stuff- JUST IN CASE I GET MOVED- I know that most likely I'll be super exhausted in the last few moments before I'm officially free for the summer and will end up just emptying my desk drawers into a giant box along with a hodge podge of other things that I found stashed in dark recesses of my room. 

All that documentation is due at the end of the year. ENOUGH SAID.

INSANE, I TELL YOU! When did it become okay to open a bag of M&Ms and chow down on them in the middle of the lesson? And then blame the act of running around the classroom on the sugar found in the M&Ms? I swear I have good classroom management--- just don't come checking in the last couple of weeks of school!

Nine months of making 22 other human beings do what 99% of the time they don't want to do is EXHAUSTING! Adding lesson plans, PLCs, ARDs, extensions, differentiations, programs, and conferences to the mix can make you feel like you'd like to be placed in an induced coma.  
An induced coma.... YES, PLEASE!

But seriously. 

Despite all the reasons above, my number one reason for hating the end of the year is that I have to say goodbye to some of my favorite people on the planet.  I will miss all the hugs, smiles, and words of affirmation. I will miss those light bulb moments and those moments in which I could quite literally see a kid's confidence being raised.  The end of the year makes me sad because I know that a part of my life that I have loved living is over.  I will never have this same little family community again. I will never laugh at that one's jokes, or be amazed at that one's art, or even take a deep breath at that one's annoying behavior.  I will miss it all, but I will especially miss all my little sweeties!

This blog post is dedicated to my class of 2016. 

You have been extra special!

 End of Year Awards with MEMES

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  1. Oh this seriously made me laugh out loud. Every teacher on the planet is feeling the same way. You said it all so beautifully!

    1. LOL!!! 8 more days.... but who's counting!

  2. This IS perfect!! I love the top 10, # 10 is my favorite!!! You're right on target!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Wow...this is awesome and so true! I will miss my sweet students too! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  4. This is hilarious and oh so true!!! We are counting down now...but come August we will be ready to start again!

  5. Hello! I am your newest follower and loved your post. I look forward to reading more. Have a great weekend and happy blogging!

    Jen @ Professional Bloggers Association