March 15, 2015


I love it when I come across an awesome teaching tool that I've never even heard of!
Today, I came across! This website can absolutely change the course of your day and can make formative assessment so much more convenient!  AND IT'S FREE!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!? 

Here is a screenshot of some of its features!

Basically, to use this program, students fill in multiple choice answers on a grid sheet.  When they place this answer sheet under the document camera, it automatically grades the assignment and lets the students know which questions are not correct. (For a fee, you can have the results automatically transferred into your grade book.) SOUNDS AWESOME, HUH?!?!?!

Here are some things I liked right away:
1. You don't have to have special Santrons to assess student learning.
2. You don't have to print the bubble sheets in a certain size. You can put 8 on a single page to save paper, but you can also add one directly to your assessment if you want.
3. A bubble sheet doesn't go only with a certain assessment (like in Eduphoria Aware). You can use the same bubble sheet for many different assessments.
4. As long as you limit your assessments to 10 questions, it's FREE!

I immediately began thinking about practical ways to use this program in my classroom.  My first thought was for homework. I usually spend quite a bit of time making sure my 43 students have turned it their homework and completed it correctly. Gradecam would eliminate this work. My new turn-in stack would be under the document camera. As they turn it in, it will automatically be graded.  After everyone has turned in their homework, I could just check in the reports section to see who didn't turn in their homework and who didn't master the concepts on the homework. AMAZING! My district uses the TEXAS GO MATH curriculum, and the homework page is already in multiple choice format, so it will work perfectly.

I cannot wait to try this out at school tomorrow! I'll be back to let you know how the program works in my classroom.  Until then, how would YOU use GradeCam in your classroom???

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