September 13, 2015

Digital Notebook Paper

I'm always looking for new ways to use technology to help save resources, use my time more efficiently, and make my life easier.  I recently had the bright idea to create a digital notebook paper.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!

It all started with my new teaching assignment: 4th grade ELA! (Actually, I'm self-contained, but the ELA part of my day is what is new to me!) In Texas, fourth graders must take the Writing STAAR achievement test, so much emphasis is placed on writing. (Click here for a FREE digital version of the STAAR composition paper!) I was excited for my new teaching assignment because I LOVE writing and I knew that I would get to share that passion with the students by modeling writing for them! I would model, model, model!!!! It wasn't long until I was using up chart paper and markers like they were going out of style! WE HADN'T EVEN STARTED NARRATIVES! And the worst part was that the kids were sitting around antsy while I wrote the BIG letters in GOOD handwriting on page after page!  Needless to say, I began to dread the modeling process! I knew that chart paper just wouldn't work any more! At least not for Impatient-Me!

Check out this awesome post by Teaching my Friends! She's amazing... and has much more patience for hand writing than me! I love this idea, but I would totally rather type it!

So, I created a digital version of notebook paper! 

All I have to do is project the Word file and type away!  How would you use digital paper to same time, money, and frustration in your class? Leave a comment!!!

Simple ideas are always the best ideas!

If you'd like to use this in your class, you can download it FREE from my TpT Store!