July 19, 2015

What Can You Say In Only 4.6" by 1.5"?

A whole lot more than you may think!

Make the most of the space you're given on your Teachers Pay Teachers store front!

You can do this by creating a gif for your "Personal Quote" section of your bio.  A gif is an image that scrolls through a series of other images.  If you use good design, you can really catch the eye of your shoppers. The longer a shopper stays in your store, the more likely he or she is to purchase!

Watch this tutorial as I walk you through every step to creating your own flashing billboard.

Step 1:

Create a series of images in PowerPoint

  • Be sure and set your slide to 4.6" wide by 1.5" tall
  • Save your images as JPEGs by clicking Save As JPEG, and then exporting all of the slides
Step 2:

Use gifmaker.me to compile your images into one image.
  • Click Upload Images and choose your JPEGs
  • Set the Canvas Size to 450 pixels by 150 pixels
  • Change your Animation Speed, if desired
  • Click Create GIF Animation
  • Click Download this GIF
  • Right click on your image, then click Save As, and save the image.
Step 3:

Use tinypic.com to gather HTML Code for TpT
  • Upload your image by clicking Choose File
  • Then click Upload Now (and suffer through the ads, LOL!)
  • Click "Click Here" to view your image
  • Copy the code under HTML FOR WEBSITES
Step 4:

Edit your profile
  • Go to your dashboard in TpT, and click on Edit Profile
  • Paste the HTML into Personal Quote
  • Scroll down and click Save
Step 5:

  • Go back into Edit Profile
  • Delete the code between the first quotation mark and the second quotation mark
  • Paste your store's URL or one of your store categores in between those question marks
  • Scroll down and click Save


After you're done, link to your store front in the comments!  We want to see!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! So helpful and easy to follow!