March 18, 2015

GradeCam Post #2

Wanna give GradeCam a try? Click here.  Here is my first assignment that I've made with a GradeCam answer sheet!

So, I've been so excited ever since I learned about GradeCam. Unfortunately, it has taken a bit of creativity to get it to work, so I haven't really got to try it out just yet. The program wouldn't detect my document camera. I downloaded the software, tried troubleshooting, and had no luck. (DISAPPOINTING!) I think that the non-detection of the document camera boils down to my computer being attached to both my document camera and my projector and the fact that I have to toggle between the two components.  I decided to use my school laptop (with a built-in webcam) instead of my desktop/document camera. It worked like a charm! YAY!

In my first post, I listed some of the things I was excited about, so I thought I would take a few moments to list some of the down falls of the program. (Although I HATE focusing on the negative!)

1. It is free (YAY) but some of the features require an upgrade of $15.00 per month per teacher.
2. The free version limits each quiz to 10 questions.
3. The free version will not automatically upload the results into your gradebook.
4. You have to hand mark missed grades if you want to hand it back to the students to correct.

Tomorrow, I will have my students give it a whirl using the assessment I created. I actually just copied and pasted the answer sheet onto an assignment that I had previously created. It was a super easy change!

Sometimes new things seem better in my mind than they actually are, but I'm really hoping this isn't one of them!  I will keep you posted on the reality of GradeCam!

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