March 21, 2015

GradeCam Post #3

I've now spent quite a bit of time playing around with GradeCam, and I have to say that IT IS COOL!

Here's how I have used it so far...

In preparation for the STAAR Test (Texas' achievement test), I developed a way of differentiating the homework to meet each individual student's needs. Because it is tailored to each child, I have a lot of different homework to grade, but  I never dreamed it would be the feat that it has been.  I have 39 different quizzes that the students have available to them to practice the various standards (TEKS).  That means I can have up to 39 different papers each day to grade. Keeping up with the keys, and recording their grade on my spreadsheet and on their goals sheet has been EXTREMELY difficult!

On Friday, I tried GradeCam, and it was indeed a game changer! I had the students turn their bubble sheets in different stacks so that I didn't have to sort them myself.  When I was ready to grade, I opened the assignment in GradeCam, and it literally took a second to grade each one.  The missed answers were immediately displayed so that I could circle any wrong answers on the bubble sheets. The students' grades were recorded for me (I use the scores for formative assessment), and I simply handed them back their bubble sheet to record their grade on their goals sheet. DONE! Individual differentiation is possible!

Here is a screen shot of some of the reporting features in GradeCam.

I also figured out how to transfer the grades directly into my grade book, which is Eduphoria Gradespeed.  It took NO setting up, changing settings, or anything. You simply open your grade book, create a new assignment, and press F8 when you wish to transfer. EASY!

I have put my first GradeCam ready product on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Check it out!

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